Frankfurter Reihe zur Bankenaufsicht

Buchcover von Towards Comprehensive Single Market Integration

Vanessa Dutzi
Recovery and Resolution Planning for Stablecoins
How could it look like?
1. Auflage 2022
Frankfurter Reihe zur Bankenaufsicht, Band 7
51 Seiten, E-Book (PDF), kostenfrei zum Download
ISBN 978-3-95647-212-1

ContentsAbout the Author
    How could Recovery and Resolution Planning (RRP) for Stablecoins look like? This thesis will discuss Recovery and Resolution Planning (RRP) for Stablecoins and consider RRP for single-fiat Stablecoin (SC), single-fiat currency SC and multi-fiat SC in light of the recommendations of the international Financial Stability Board (FSB). The author provides a detailed insight into Stablecoins: from the Stablecoin`s definition to its complex key components, its objectives for RRP and its attached challenges.
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